ThetaHealing Advanced DNA (level 2)

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May 19-21, Grass Valley, CA

In this 3-day workshop, we delve more deeply into self-healing, intuitive development, and preparing the practitioner to be able to help others. This workshop is strongly recommended for those who plan on practicing ThetaHealing with clients, and for all who want to continue to experience transformation. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • advanced-dna-thetahealingThe creation and receiving of Feelings (positive feelings and virtues that we may not have experienced before)
  • The Planes of Existence: a deeper dive into the 7 Planes, releasing oaths and vows we may have to certain planes
  • Learning how to heal through the 7th Plane of Existence
  • Next level Belief Work: Resentments, Regrets, and Rejections
  • Free Floating Memories
  • Heal the Broken Soul
  • Connect to Your Ancestors
  • Speak with Higher Self
  • ThetaHealing and Plants
  • Clearing houses, land, and non-organic material

…and more.

Prerequisite: Basic DNA

Certification as an Advanced ThetaHealing Practitioner provided upon full attendance and completion of the course.


Total Course Fee: $444

Includes Advanced ThetaHealing book and course manual. Partial scholarships available for those with a financial hardship (please email Odessa with details of why a scholarship is requested)

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