I've had surprisingly profound experiences working with Odessa! I had no idea what to expect in my first session but I walked away with less physical pain, clarity surrounding areas of challenges in my life, and a renewed feeling of inner strength and resiliency. She has an incredible way of connecting the mind and body … Continue reading Jennifer M.

Jennifer M.

I just finished my first session with Odessa. I feel so grounded and whole in this moment. In just a few minutes we were able to dive deep into the root of my pain and unlock some pretty deep seeded beliefs that I have been holding onto for my whole life. ¬†Odessa is the real … Continue reading Britt Barrett, Daily Ayerveda

Britt Barrett, Daily Ayerveda

Odessa is able to hold a safe space for incredibly rapid healing. In the sessions that I've been working with her, my life has shifted completely each week. Everything that has been brought up to heal has been showing up in my life immediately. So grateful to have found such a talented intuitive healer.

Aleksandra Shira Dubov